Best Maid of Honor SpeechesAre you a maid of honor? Still have not figured out how to give out your speech? There are a lot of tips on how to give out the best maid of honor speeches, with most of them being centered mostly around pleasing the crowds rather than you giving a real, heartfelt speech which should primarily only move the bride and the husband. This, in some experts opinions, is not the proper way on how to give out speeches. One of the most important, if not the most important aspect of a wedding speech given out by the maid of honor, should be its genuineness and trueness. Nothing beats a speech that sincerely comes from the heart, not one that aims to please.

Giving out heartfelt and genuinely sincereand presumablythe best maid of honor speeches, however, does not entirely mean that you throw out the tips which make a great maid of honor wedding speech. They still help, given the right perspective. Here are some of those exceptional tips to making some of the best maid of honor wedding speeches:

a.       Get everybodys attention

Though you are addressing the bride and groom (most often almost only the bride), there should still be a command of the room when you speak up there. Wedding speeches, much like any speech, is part of public speaking, and one of the most important rules when it comes to public speaking is that you always have to take command of the crowd when you speak. Make them want to pay attention to you.

b.      Keep it light

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. This is one technique you may use to lighten the atmosphere when giving out some of your best maid of honor speeches (assuming that you are the maid of honor more times than one), and you better believe that it works. Having a light and funny tone to go along with such a serious speech balances out any emotional levels your speech might trigger.

c.       Limit length

Attention spans of people, even if they are obliged to listen to you, will wander off to another thing after 54 seconds on the average. You have until then to keep them tuned in to whatever you have to say, so make whatever it is you do have to say, short, simple, personal (never too personal), funny, and straight to the point. Never make it about just the bride, but also about the couple themselves. Keep all of this in mind, and fit that within the average time before an attention span wanders off, and you will have had delivered one of the best maid of honor speeches out there.

Planning the best maid of honor speeches might be said to be quite unnecessary, because you may already know what you have to say since it comes from the heart, but it never hurts to be prepared. Even the bride and the groom, no matter how obliged they are to listen to you, still have that attention span you need to keep in mind.

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